Welcome to CNT Creations Home of the Five Fathers of Music new and innovative way to teach students about Legendary Composers Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Gershwin
The Five Fathers of Music is a professional music curriculum that  promotes learning about the music and lives of five of classical  music’s greatest composers designed in a fun and innovative product. Study Mozart, Bach, Beethoven,Brahms and Gershwin like you never  have before! The Five Fathers of Music Deluxe Edition for schools has over 2,700 items supporting 30 distinct activities, including a companion DVD and cost saving,eco-friendly solutions to the  limited music budget, crowded classroom or music camp dilemma! We understand the needs of music teachers, administrators and classical music enthusiasts! We have created a cost effective product that  will fulfill those needs, and the return on  investment is immediate... students are excited to learn  and music lives on!  Watch Free instructional  videos narrated by the  author! NoteSpeed Instructions on PDF
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