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  "I've been using the Five Fathers of Music for just a short time, The Kids seem to catch on really quickly to the factual information on the DVD and love the games that help them in such a creative and fun way. We love it! "- J. Moore The Highlands School Irving, Texas  
  "I used this package at a week long music camp to teach music history to students of all ages. They learned so much so quick, and had a great time! The entertaining videos quickly engage the children, and a variety of activities ensure that all students remain engaged. The Five Fathers program practically teaches itself while giving me a change of pace as well." - K. Parks Irving Arts Center
  I just can't get over how much fun my family and I have playing your games! After we had played "Mozart Madness" for the first time, my 9-year-old son told me it was "awesome and fun!" My 7-year-old son was so excited every time he got a question right, he had to go around high-fiving everyone in the family. I don't think there are any other educational games out there that could get that kind of endorsement out of them! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful tool for teaching children about the composers - it's lively and interesting (even for me!), and it's so much fun, kids don't even realize that they're learning!
-Angela V. Mother of Andy, 9, and Jon, 7
Buy Now The Five Fathers of Music Camp, Home and Deluxe Editions starting at only $39.99
3 Reasons to buy The Five Fathers of MUSIC NOT just any game!
3 Its not a video game!
It will give your children an auditory, visual and hands on activity.
2 Its Music!
It will inspire your children to listen to the most
educational music ever written!
1 Family Time!
The Five Fathers of Music can be played with all ages!
Even Mom and Dad will learn something new!
Buy Now The FIve Fathers of Music: Discounts for school districts ordering 3 or more please email in advance