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CNT creations was founded in Irving Texas on the belief that teaching products should be as functional as they are fun. Our founders Chad and Tara Cunningham, our team of research, design and product specialists share the vision, that it it is our duty as classical music lovers to help music live on. “When you make learning about music (especially classical) relevant with interesting activities and some funny facts, your students and children will be more open to the great works by legendary composers. Let's not just throw in a CD and talk about how we feel, let's have a visual activity where they really have to listen and even the music from hundreds of years ago becomes relevant today. We are committed to the creation of innovative, eco friendly solutions for classrooms, music camps, and home use!


A few years ago, some of my students’ parents came to me asking if I could teach their children more about the Classical Composers. I said,"Sure, that will be fun! I'll just go to the music store, find some fun stuff and teach." I've always loved Music History and was looking forward to encouraging my students to learn more as well. I had seen a few games about composers, but my main complaint is that they cover too many composers at once. During a music class, we have a limited amount of time and the kids should not have to wait to take a turn. Unfortunately, what I had in mind to teach was not yet written. It took 8 hours a day for 3 months to write the basic outline, hundreds of students to play the games, throw them out or keep them, and then write some more. Finally, after 2 years, "The Five Fathers of Music" was born!





My musical training started at the age of 7. It was my mother's dream for me to play the piano. Her only goal for me was to play in church. (We need more church organists!)

I actually started practicing (really practicing!) at the age of 15. High School Accompanist for the Varsity Choir my junior and senior years. Played "Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" with full orchestra at the age of 17. I won a scholarship for performance and accompanying from Texas Woman's University. I earned a BA in Piano Performance Music Education K-12. Taught in the classroom for 4 years before deciding to go completely private.

I've taught private piano, group piano, Kindermusik, and classroom music, I love all kinds of music teaching, I just happen to live in a place where private piano teachers are exceptionally needed. I've studied under Sr. Mary Karen Hill, Ms. Janet Townsend, Mrs. Mary Burke, Mrs. Kathleen Guillaume, Mr. Denson Elliot, Dr. Mark DalPorto and Dr. Heather Schmidt.

I write when I'm bored, discouraged or disgusted with what is available for me to use to teach certain musical aspects. I've written over 50 Theory Games, 2 theory books and a musical board game, all of which I hope to publish after "The Five Fathers of Music" makes itself known to the whole world! ...You might say that my mother is VERY proud!

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