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CNT creations was founded in Irving Texas on the belief that teaching products should be as functional as they are fun. Our founders Chad and Tara Cunningham, our team of research, design and product specialists share the vision, that it it is our duty as classical music lovers to help music live on. “When you make learning about music (especially classical) relevant with interesting activities and some funny facts, your students and children will be more open to the great works by legendary composers. Let's not just throw in a CD and talk about how we feel, let's have a visual activity where they really have to listen and even the music from hundreds of years ago becomes relevant today. We are committed to the creation of innovative, eco friendly solutions for classrooms, music camps, and home use!














As a child, I had a very rough time catching on to the
language of music.  I simply didn't get it and I needed
constant reinforcement when memorizing notes.
If NoteSpeed would have been written when I was a child,
my note reading difficulties would have ceased to exist.  
I decided early in my teaching career that if someone didn't
write something amazing (and hands on) to teach students
note reading, I was going to throw in the towel. To me, it's the most challenging part of teaching piano and I did not want my students to go through the same struggles that I endured.NoteSpeed was written very soon after TFFOM but took another 9 years to publish because I wasn't sure if it would catch on. In October of 2016, NoteSpeed was published. It has sold almost 2000 sets and is used in every state in the USA and in over 10 countries around the world.  

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